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What We Offer

Screen Printing

There are multiple types of screen printing methods and we would like to let you know the options available and what are their differences.

Standard Plastisol

This is the most common type of screen printing ink used today. Plastisol is an oil based ink that is very opaque and it's colors stay vibrant for a very long time. The down side to this type of ink is that it has a very heavy "hand" or feel on the surface of the shirt.

Water Based

Water based is becoming a very popular ink used by more and more screen printers today. It's a very environmentally friendly product that has a very soft "hand" on the surface of the shirt. The nature of this type of ink isn't very opaque and the colors aren't always so vibrant.


Discharge inks are available in a water based and a plastisol hybrid. Discharge is a chemical reaction with the dyes in the shirt which actually removes the dye. Discharge can just remove the dye of the shirt leaving the "natural" color of the fiber before the initial dying process. A pigment can be added to the discharge ink that will remove the original dye and replace it with the added pigment. Discharge inks leave virtually no "hand" or feel to the surface of the shirt.


Foil is a very flashy addition to any T-shirt or garment. Foil has a metallic appearance to it. How it works is like this...A foil adhesive is printed onto a shirt and dried. A sheet of foil is cut from a roll larger than the size of the adhesive imprint, and then is heat pressed on to the shirt. Only where there was adhesive will the foil stick and the rest is left on the carrier sheet and discarded.

Heat Press Vinyl

This is a product that is better suited for just a few shirts, and very few colors. Heat Press vinyl comes on a roll and is cut with a sign cutter/plotter and then heat pressed onto a shirt.  Simple graphics, straight lettering, athletic numbers or personalization works very well with this product.

Team Athletics

If you play any type of team sports we can handle whatever you can throw at us. Polyester, nylon, 50/50, jersey's or t-shirts with multiple color printing. We offer 6 & 8" one or 2 color numbers and individual names as well.

Signs and Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

Whether you want window lettering or your company logo on the door of your work's not a problem. We can even do multiple colors, custom logo's, several locations  as well.


Full color or 1 or 2 color banners are available in multiple colors and sizes. Just call for prices.

Window Lettering

Need custom graphics or lettering on your glass store front? Give us a call... we can help!


Don't want vinyl graphics directly applied on your vehicle's surface? Well then magnets may be the way to go. We have 3 standard sizes available...12" x 18", 12" x 24" & 18" x 24". 1 color or multiple, it's your choice, but more colors do cost extra.